4320 (Super 4020)

Nicknamed the "super 4020", the 4320 was essentially a 4020 with a turbocharged engine and new tires.

Comment from a 4320 collector:
"Hi guys! Heck uvva web site, for sure! When I cliked down to the "super 4020" spot all I got was photos, no explanation of why "the 4320". Wha hoppin here? The 4320 was, understandably a stop gap in the JD lineup from the early '70's. But she is her own girl, for sure! A "super 4020?, you bet!! 700 lbs. of more iron, more tranny, more cooling, and another 20 or more hp than a 4020! Because of the turbo, this tractor really comes alive when you ask it! She's almost nasty, like having an attitude!!(non turbos cannot do this) A great tractor, a wolf in a foxes pelt! So, go back an give her the respect she commands.(Coulda had a 4020, but..) Tanks a bunch. Joe"  Talk back to Joe (must register as a member to use Discussion Boards)


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