Models L, LA, LI

l76021-RF-1"Utility tractor" describes a small tractor that performs a variety of "chores." It may be the secondary tractor used for work not requiring the horsepower available in larger, primary tractors on large farms. Or, it may be the primary tractor on smaller farms.The Model "L", introduced in 1937, was the first John Deere Utility Tractor. It had a 2-cylinder engine but, unlike that in other John Deere Tractors of the time, it was a vertical, Hercules engine. It had a foot clutch. An offset engine aided visibility while cultivating single rows. John Deere Wagon Works, Moline, built the "L".In 1941, the "L", which could pull a one-bottom 12-inch plow in most conditions, was joined by the "LA", which pulled one 16-inch bottom.

The "L" was rated at 7.01 drawbar hp and 9.27 belt hp.

Production Year & Serial Number

1937...621000 1941...1001
1938...622310 1942...5361
1939...625000 1943...6029
1940...630000 1944...6159
1941...634191 1945...9732
1942...640000 1946...11529

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