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By the mid-1920s, tractors had proved their ability to pull not only plows but other seedbed preparation equipment as well. They were firmly established as the primary source of farm power for the future. By 1928, John Deere was ready to introduce a more versatile tractor capable of a wide variety of farm work. Its name: "GP".

The initials stood for "General Purpose" and no phrase could better describe its significance. This was the first tractor with four sources of power—drawbar for pulling, belt pulley to drive small shellers or hay presses, power take-off for mowers or small combines, and (an industry first) power lift to raise or lower such integral equipment as planters or cultivators.

The "GP" had an arched front axle and high clearance so it could straddle one row and cultivate as many as three. Naturally, a line of John Deere 3-row equipment was available for use with the "GP".

The first John Deere Orchard Tractor was a variation of the "GP". The "GP" Orchard model had deep-skirt fenders covering the rear wheels down well below the hubs. This prevented limbs from catching in the spokes. The fenders also covered the belt pulley on one side and flywheel on the other, shielding those projections which could catch and bruise tree limbs.

The "GP" had a 2-cylinder, kerosene-burning engine rated at 10 drawbar and 20 belt-pulley hp.


Production Year & Serial Number

GP Standard GP Wide Tread GPO
1928...200111 1929...400000 1931...15000
1929...202566 1930...400936 1932...15226
1930...216139 1931...402667 1933...15387
1931...1224302 1932...404768 1934...15412
1932...228666 1933...405110 1935...15589

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