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Let me first say that i enjoy your Web site very much being a proud owner of a 4020.  My name is Joe Cook I live in upstate N.Y..  I was wondering if you could feature my tractor it is a 67 with dual remotes, 3pt hitch, 38 inch rubber it has a couple of modifications to the engine such as high compression pistons, a 4230 cam and bigger springs in the fuel pump the old girl is putting out 120 on the dyno.  I bought the tractor locally and she looked rough but was mechanically perfect. I had some were around 14 hrs of labor on the sheet metal and another 6 hrs of painting. The tractor had been used on a dairy farm since new and had some where around 15,000 hours before every thing was rebuilt. We used it this summer to mow and chop hay and sorghum.  It was nice make a friend of mine mad when we had to take his ALLIS CHALMERS 220 off the chopper because we could chop faster with the old 4020. I have also attached 3 pictures of my tractor.  The decals on the tractor were used of a 4200 utility tractor.  Keep up the good work, Joe Cook.  Thanks Joe!  (mem~03.19.03)

This is Lee Cutter's 4020 from Ripley County in Southeastern Indiana.  It's shown here with the cab on, but Lee engineered it so he could remove the top of the cab for the hot summers and then remount it in the winter to keep the cold at bay.  He also owns a 3020 and a 4320 and a 2010 RU.  He is a "red" convert and says, "...33 years later, I've never regretted my choices...".  Thanks for choosing to share your 4020 with us.  (mem~02.17.03)

Jim from Bainbridge, Indiana sends a photo of his 1969 4020 diesel.  He said he had just "let my horse out of the barn to soak up some rays".  We all could use some rays now that it's starting to turn colder.  Thanks Jim!  (mem~11.20.02)

Matt from Valley Center, KS writes, "I have really enjoyed your site dedicated to the JD 4020. I am sending a picture of my own 1968 4020 Diesel with Syncro range transmission, 3 pt and single hydraulics. It also features the roll-gard and canopy. I bought it in 1996 from the dealer in Emporia, Ks. I use the tractor on the family's 200 acre operation near Valley Center, KS (just north of Wichita). I have done a lot of work to this tractor here and there and its a joy to operate in the field. We use it in all aspects from tillage to haying and other light jobs. We also have a 1961 4010 Diesel, which is used for utility work for the most part. I hope to have a current photo of my 4020 in the near future, This picture was taken in 1996. Thanks again for the great site."  Thank you Matt!  (mem~11.05.02)

Here is the first 4010 featured here at Forty-Twenty.com.  This "Super Stock" 4010 is now owned and pulled by Jim Ellis from Ramseur, NC.  Jim pulls with the, NTPA sanctioned, United Pullers of the Carolinas.  They call it the "Woodyard Express" since Jim and his brother own a logging business.  This "Alki Burner" was an NTPA Grand National champion somewhere in the Mid-West.  Jim went up north and bought this proven winner prior to the 2002 season.  It took a while to get used to it and to dial in, but Jim has been on a tear of late, winning 6 of his last 7 pulls.  This photo is from his Saturday night pass in Goldsboro, NC on Aug. 3rd.  This hook was a Full Pull - the only one in the Super Stock class that night.  (~mem~08.09.02) 

Clayton Kribs writes: "My wife and I recently retired from the USMC, bought 31 acres and this amazing machine.  It's a 1965 according to your serial number page (213P097397R), thanks for the help.  I have it here in town right now.  I will spend a lot of time with it, getting to know it and rewiring the lighting on it.  It's a diesel with  Power Shift and stock 24vdc starting circuit.  I have had it for a month and have been studying it hard.  I just received the owner's manual and service manual (SM 2039).  John Deere or their vender told me that TM 1006 would cover this serial number however that was incorrect.  They were really good about getting me the right manual.  Keep up the good work and thanks for your Web site."  Glad to help and good luck to you! (~mem~ 07.15.02)

Ray Eidemiller, already a "member" of the Feature 4020 page submits this for your enjoyment.  It's his latest project, a 1972 Hi-Crop 4020.  Looking good, Ray! (~mem~07.12.02)  UPDATE: The last four photos posted here (08/08/02) are courtesy of Brandon Knapp of Weird Deere.  He took them at a tractor show in Ohio.  Very nicely restored and displayed.  Thanks to Brandon and Great Work, Ray!!!

Justin Smart checks in with his newly restored 4020.  He pulls a 535 John Deere round baler with it and will bale approximately 1000 with it this year.  Here's a photo of his machine hooked to a wheel rake.  Thanks Justin!  (~mem~07.11.02)

Ted and Larry Johnson write: "I really enjoy your site, especially the forum, lots of interesting stuff on there.  I have attached a picture of my 4020. It’s a 1968 Diesel Synchro. It has a touch over 10,000 hours with a rebuild at 8000. It used to have a loader, but we took it off.  We (my dad and I) mainly use it for spreading with the slinger spreader, cutting hay and baling hay. We do our best to keep the hours off of it because we have other tractors for the utility jobs. We still like to flex our muscle with it when we have to pull a car out of a ditch in the winter or run a wagon down the road."   Thanks guys! (~mem~5/28/02)

Dean from Brownsville, Wisconsin checks in with this monster machine..."I purchased my 4020 last March.  It's a 1967 model with the Powershift transmission and a single remote.  My dad and I use it on his hobby farm that he plays around with.  I find it very relaxing and wish there was money in farming so that I could do it full-time.  These photos are of us plowing and disking last fall before planting the winter wheat."  Don't we all wish there was money in farming these days!  Thanks, Dean for sharing the photos. (~mem~ 5/8/02)

Ronny from Detroit, Texas sends these photos of his 1968, Syncro Range 4020.  He mainly uses it "...to put up hay, keep the weeds shredded and pull around old 4x4's and jeeps that I am rebuilding."  Thanks for the photos Ronny.  (~mem~ 4/11/02)

Robbie O'Neal checks back in with this photo from his pull on 3.24.02.  Here's what he had to say about the weekend.  "We had a bad weekend.  We sheared the key on the crankshaft, and bent all of the push rods.  She pulled like crazy for 86 feet.
I've welded the crank, and cam gears solid.  We pulled the pan and head,
everything looked okay.  We replaced the push rods and cranked her up about 8:00
Friday night.  Don't tell anyone, but we ran her on the dyno before the pull, 250hp!"  Thanks for the update Robbie.  Better luck next pull.  Keep us up to date on how you fare.   (~mem~ 4/3/02)

Jeff Tuthill from Waukegan, Illinois sends these photos and writes, "I love 4020's and love this site. When I was a small boy I spent my summers on the farm.  The first picture is of me (5 yrs) looking over the door of my grandfathers 4020 wide front with cab.  My dad is behind the wheel.  My grandfather is stepping into the wagon.  Uncle Ed is facing toward the wagon.  My grandfather, Monroe Bradley, always bought me toys that were replicas of the machines he worked with and loved.  I have a niece that is just 6 months old.  I thought I'd start her off right.  Olivia was very excited when she was introduced to an Ertl 4010.  I would love to see her picture on your web site.  I just hope she has half the fun playing with John Deere toys as I did when I was younger.  Keep up the good work.  A friend once told me, 'Friends don't let friends, drive RED tractors.'" Thanks Jeff and Olivia will thank you for "starting her out right" when she gets older and has a chance to hop on a John Deere and take a ride.  In fact, take her for a ride right now, it's NEVER too early to start!  (~mem~ 4/3/02)

Robbie and Sharon O'Neal, from Hartsville, S.C. submitted their 4020 puller for the "Feature 4020" page and gave us this information to go along with the photo.  "The tractor was bought used by my Grandfather in '68-'69.  It is a 1964, Syncro Range, with its original block.  We retired it from farm work in '98.  This picture was taken in Pageland, S.C. and that's my wife Sharon driving.  We pull in the 10500, 11500 & 14500 classes.  The tractor was the 2001 high points champ in the 10500 & 11500 classes.  It hadaround 165hp when this picture was taken.  We are in the process of repainting, and changing the fuel pump & turbo.  Hope to have it ready for a pull in White Oak, N.C. on 3/23/02.  Will try to send a new picture then. LOVE YOUR SITE!"  Thanks Robbie and Sharon!  Can't wait to see it all spruced up and ready to go.  Good luck in the upcoming season. (~mem~03/21/2002)

Bruce from Sioux City, Iowa sent me a couple of photos of two of his collection of his 20 tractors - that's right, TWENTY.  Fortunately for us, two of them are 4020's.  The one on the right is a rare beast, indeed.  It's a 1969 Front Wheel Assist (FWA) 4020.  The one on the right is obviously a High Crop 4020; vintage 1970.  Both have been nicely restored.  Bruce has several he's restored already and has plenty of them waiting in the wings for his time and attention.  It's pretty easy to tell that restoring is his hobby and dare I say passion.  Thanks for allowing us to have a look! 

Once again the Feature 4020 page takes on an "International Flavor" - No, NOT the red and white kind!  This is Marco's 1970 Syncro Range 4020.  He imported to the Netherlands, where he lives, from France.  It's missing some components (like the side panels), but Marco plans on adding them next year sometime.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll keep tabs on Marco and see if I can't get a couple of updated photos as he restores his 4020.  Thanks Marco! (~mem~11/13/2001)

Here is yet another addition to the Feature 4020 page.  This is Ray Eidemiller's "new" 4020.  It's a 1970 console model with 3965 original hours on it.  Ray just bought it from a 77 year old farmer who is retiring from farming his 60 acres in Ohio.  The tractor is immaculate.  It's never sat outside over night and has never been left out in the rain.  It sure looks like it was well taken care of.  Good Luck and enjoy, Ray!  (~mem~9/02/2001)

Here's another addition to the Feature 4020 page.  Dan (I don't know where Dan is from, but I'll find out and add it here) wrote me a week or so ago and forwarded some pictures just a couple of days ago...check out what he had to say...

"Thanks so much for your site.  I sold an International 400 last month and have been looking for the "perfect" replacement tractor.   Your site has been very helpful.  I have posted a couple of questions (on your message board) and received some great responses.   Your forward of a scanned promotional piece was great too.  I just had my "new to me" 1966 4020 delivered yesterday afternoon.  Although, I had a couple of posts tell me to get a diesel instead of gas - when you look for used you take what is available.  This tractor is in GREAT SHAPE - the floorboards still have most of the original green paint on them.  We looked hard and found two small dents - that's all - and everything mechanical seems to work fine.  I will have to work on the issue of vapor lock on hot summer days - we shall see about that.  If the problem is too much I will see what a post can bring for new ideas.  Thanks again - keep the pages going - you have another 4020 owner checking back for information. - Dan"   Thank you, Dan.  I'm glad Forty-Twenty.com was able to help you and ultimately win you over.  Welcome to the GREEN Team!  (~mem~8/18/01)

It's been pretty warm here in North Carolina of late and I'm sure that it's not the only place where the heat is hitting record highs.  But here's one photo that is sure to cool you off in a hurry if you think about it long enough.  Bruce Hildebrandt from Ontario, Canada is letting us have a look at the 4020 his father used to own.  His father Louis, used this 4020 on his farm near Carstairs, Alberta, Canada.  It's a 1967 Diesel with the Syncro-Range transmission.  It has NO 3-point hitch.  At the time, in Alberta, 3-point hitches weren't used on large tractors, although they may have been used in other parts of Canada.  The cab looks to be a John Deere cab by all indications.  Notice the decal on the door and the leaping deer logo on the top front.  Bruce said it was pretty noisy in there, but it was very well built and looked like it could stand up to a roll-over – not something he tested out, though.  His father felt that the cab was a worth while investment since he'd spent many a cold day and night out on an open tractor.  I can attest to that!  Bruce's dad retired in 1973 and sold it as part of the auction he had for $8,700 in April of 1973.  The little girl (who probably isn’t so little any more) is Angela, Bruce’s niece and Louis’ Grand Daughter.  Cute picture!  Thanks for being so kind as to share the 4020 and a bit of your family history with us, Bruce!  (~mem~8/3/01)

This addition to the Feature Forty-Twenty stable is owned by Oscar Evans.  He's originally from Louisiana, but is now living in Chesapeake Virginia.  He grew up on a ranch in Louisiana and remembers the 1967 4020 Diesel that was "the 'big' tractor for a few years cutting silage and mowing pasture".  He also grew up with a 5020 and 4620 and recalls having a couple 4020 Hi-Crop tractors that were used in the Sugarcane fields. He now lives with his wife there in Chesapeake and bought a "one-owner" 4020 Diesel of his own.  This beast is a 1970 edition with the Syncro-Range Transmission.  He spent the summer of 2000 restoring it to it's present condition.  Looks good from where I sit.  Great sunrise shot, Oscar!  Thanks!

Bill Brandt's 4020 is the newest and latest addition to the Feature 4020 page. This is a picture of the 4020 that he bought in June from Todd Tractor in Seneca KS.  He found it by using MACHINEFINDER.COM.  I've sent a few folks there before; looking for various machinery.  Bill had some good luck with it.  Glad to know it worked for him.

His tractor is a 1966 Power-Shift.  The dealer had painted the tractor, put on new rear tires and fixed many of the "little things" that need a bit of work on a tractor that is 35 years old.  (I know what that's like...uh, being 35 years old, that is, and just having some minor foot surgery the other day.)

Although Bill lives in Springfield, Virginia the tractor is at his brother Don's farm near Ottumwa, Iowa.  Since  Bill bought the tractor it has been used on a Hesston conditioner for over 100 hours of "cutting hay" with no problems.  His brother is not a John Deere guy, but he says it is the best tractor he has used on his conditioner.  Another lost soul comes to the Promised Land.

Thanks Bill (and Don), for telling us about your 4020.  Now, I wish I had a brother who would buy a 4020 then leave it at my house for me to "take care of it".  Glad to know your brother is "seeing green" a bit clearer now.  Good luck to you both!

It's my pleasure to present another addition to the Feature Forty-Twenty page.  You will be impressed, as I was, with this pair of very carefully restored New Generation Tractors.  The proud owner is Loran Balvanz from Iowa & Florida (the tractors reside in Iowa in a climate controlled shop - with alarm system, so don't get any ideas).  The first picture shows his 1971, 4020 and a 1960, 4010.  Both tractors are equipped with the Syncro-Range transmission.  The 4020 is a Console Model with 3400 original hours which has been restored to as close as original as possible.  Loran and his brother, Lonnie pull both of these tractors during the summer in the "Stock Class" in the Central Iowa Tractor Puller Assoc..  Last year they took home 21 First Place trophies and placed second four times.  They have won "Best of Show" on several occasions as well.  They also show them in parades.  They are proud of their tractors and it shows.  And I am proud to share them with everyone out in "Tractorland"!  Thanks Loran and Lonnie!

I am always glad to add a new member to the Feature 4020 family, but I am especially proud to add this 4020 and its owner because they are from the European Continent.  Introducing Appie Nijland from New Holland.  The first photo is when Appie took delivery of his 1965, 4020 from Germany.  Check out the fenders.  The second photo is of Appie pulling during the 1990 season.  The third photo is in the summer of 1991.  Appie add a turbo charger from a 4430 and called it a 4320.  The last photo is of Appie pulling during the 1997 season.  After years of tuning with his friend Bert Bonsing and trying different tire sizes the 1997 season was the best of his career winning his regional competition.  Unfortunately in 1998, they blew the fuel pump and the engine, so that was the end of the 4020/4320's pulling days.  However, Appie plans on rebuilding the whole tractor in the future.  I am certainly glad to have Appie join the others on this page and hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have.  Thanks Appie and good luck to you in your future Pulling Competitions.

Here’s the latest addition to the Forty-Twenty.com, Feature 4020 Family.  Bobby from Cynthiana, Kentucky bought this 1965 narrow front 4020 in 1978 from Fender Brothers Implement in Hillsboro, Ohio.  Bobby has used in the past to pull a two-row forage harvester, but now mostly uses it for blowing silage into his silos and pulling the silage wagons.  It’s equipped with the Syncro Range transmission and has over 15,000 hours on it.  Bobby has also won many farm and field stock tractor pulls with it.  This is the first 4020 puller I’ve gotten to post here and it’s sure a good-looking machine.  Thanks to Bobby for letting me share it here with you. 

Another rare beast!  This is a really sharp 4020 LP.  It's owner, Dave, is from Monett, Missouri about 60 miles (+ or -) from Branson, Missouri.  It's a 1964, Power Shift, with dual remotes, serial number 66383.  The tractor shipped to Denver, Colorado when it was first built and ended up in Central Illinois which is where Dave picked it up in 1997.  He has a friend who is in the used equipment business there.  I'd say that's a pretty good friend!   Dave has done all the restoration work himself and he's particularly proud of that and rightly so.  The tractor came with a cab, but as you can see it's been taken off and original 4020 fenders are back on it.    Dave uses this 4020 to bale about 160 acres of hay a year and utilizes the 148 loader you see on it here.  Thanks Dave, for giving us a chance to have a look at a really well preserved 4020 LP.   

This is the second addition to the FEATURE 4020 page.  This good looking unit's proud owner is Steve from Southwest Iowa.  He's the third owner of this 1970 Syncro-Range beast.  He uses it mainly for putting up 20 acres of Alfalfa hay four times a year.  Steve bought it from a retired dairy farmer who lives nearby. The dairy farmer owned the tractor for about 27 years before selling it to Steve.  The dairy farmer is 73 years old now, but when Steve's cutting hay, he comes by and makes a couple of rounds on it.  That's a great story Steve, thanks for letting us in on it.  

This is the FIRST FEATURE 4020 ever on Forty-Twenty.com. It's a 1965 equipped with the Power Shift transmission. It has all the options available in that model year. The rare option of dual hydraulic remotes in the front (for loaders and front-mount cultivators, etc.) is also a nice feature on this particular 4020. It's owner, Lamont lives in North Georgia where he mainly uses his 4020 for forage harvesting about 20 acres of hay twice each year. He raves about the Power Shift transmission. Thanks Lamont! 

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