1950—Breakthrough Changes

1950_logoThe next official change in the trademark came in 1950 and represented a breakthrough in many respects. First, the antlers of the deer were turned forward, the tail was pointed upward to resemble the white-tailed deer, and no longer was it shown bounding over a log. The words "John Deere," now in a bolder square-serif font, although still arched, were raised to avoid the prior separation by the head and antlers. A new slogan - "Quality Farm Equipment" was set in a bold sans serif typeface and reversed out of the ground beneath the deer. The words "Moline, Ill." have also been dropped -- a change long overdue due to increasing diversification throughout the world. A surrounding border reappeared -- a four-sided shape with flat sides and curves top and bottom to unify and contain the elements of the trademark.


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